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Learning Portfolio

We recognise how important it is for you to balance your time between academic and social life. You will learn how to make time for independent study and how to make the most effective use of that time, using sixth form time only, freeing your evenings for YOU!

You will learn how to use the four most effective “prep-learning” study strategies to acquire basic knowledge prior to lessons.

You will carry out “prep-learning” before lessons giving you the confidence to take an active role in learning whilst focussing on the higher order thinking skills with the expertise of your teacher.

“Carrying out prep-learning gives you the confidence to answer questions and expand your knowledge further in the lesson” Alexander, Year 13 student

You will develop techniques and thinking processes to unlock any given exam question or coursework task.

Standardised learning portfolios for all courses allowing you to:

  • See the bigger picture: from the UMS overview to lesson by lesson objectives
  • Order your notes and assessments against the specific course objectives
  • Monitor and track your own learning by expressing your own confidence levels in relation to the objectives
  • Create individual learning plans focussing on strengths, problems with learning and actions
  • Prepare far more effectively for assessments through examinations and coursework

Outstanding learning facilitated by our teachers and developed by you is the key to our success.

A Sixth Form that is leading the way in teaching and learning, supporting Sixth Forms across the country.

“Prep-learning allows you to get stuck into the lesson from the start with knowledge you’ve gained yourself, giving you more time to apply it in different contexts and to focus on exam preparation”
Laura, Year 13 student