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Core Values and Priorities

At Maltby Academy we are committed to:

1. Providing inspirational teaching and constructive feedback, every lesson of every day.
2. Promoting and modelling high expectations, traditional values and professional standards.
3. Recognising, rewarding and celebrating success.
4. Preparing young people to be ‘employment ready’ with the skills and confidence to succeed.
5. Providing learning experiences which inspire: meeting the needs and aspirations of all.
6. Ensuring no student is left behind.
7. Sustainable and effective collaboration and partnerships with parents and the community.
8. Highly effective professional development to ensure excellence in the classroom.

Strategic Development Plan Priorities 2016-19

The purpose of the Development Plan is to set out clearly the Academy priorities for the year ahead. It does not attempt to list everything the Academy intends to do. Instead, it is a single strategic document which maps out the main actions needed to secure improvement. In order to make this manageable, only the Academy’s main priorities are included in this plan. Individual subject area plans are not included but can be located in a copy that is kept under continual review by the leadership team. 

Priority 1: To raise levels of progress Year 7 to 13 to ensure that all learners make rapid and sustained gains in their learning and secure positive progression routes.

Priority 2: To ensure all young people develop and apply personal, learning and thinking skills and knowledge to be resilient, independent and successful learners and adults.

Priority 3: To develop a talented work force to work with and support young people through highly effective recruitment and continuous professional development (leadership at all levels).

Priority 4: To build capacity and extend opportunities for all through the raising attainment and school improvement agenda in support of an underperforming secondary school.