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Tickhill Scarecrow festival: Victoria Peddle-ton’s story

MA students design and build a scarecrow!

To celebrate the annual scarecrow festival in Tickhill and the Tour de Yorkshire which coincided with this, a group of MA students designed and built a scarecrow which was displayed in Tickhill. The aptly named Victoria Peddle-ton scarecrow was a great success. The student's diary of how Victoria was created is below.                 

Day 1 - Monday

This was the day we got started. Mr Fallon had invited the five of us to come and create our Scarecrow. We were Beth, Abigail, Hannah, Louise and Faith. On the first day we made the head. We made it in a few steps. The first step was to cover a mannequin head with cling film because we were using mod rock and without cling film it would stick to the mannequin. We worked in three different teams. One team cut out the mod rock, the second team wet the Mod rock and the third team stuck the Mod Rock on the mannequin head. We did all this on Monday lunch which was half an hour!

Day 2 - Tuesday

On the Tuesday we painted a bike that D & T had made for our Scarecrow to sit on. We painted one side white as a whole team and then Hannah and Beth painted the other side during their art lesson. We used the rollers to paint the bigger surfaces and paint brushes to do the sides.

Day 3 - Wednesday

We left the bike to dry overnight and when we got to it at lunch the white was dry and we could add the details on. We painted the main frame turquoise, the tyres black and all the metal parts like the gears silver. We did this for half an hour at lunch and an hour after school


Day 4 - Thursday

On this day we split into two groups. Hannah and Beth finished the extra details on the bike like the pedals and the handles. At the same time Faith, Louise and Abigail were painting the head. We did it with brown eyes and a cheeky smile. This was also the day we chose the name. Lots of names came up like Evie and Clara. To narrow down our thoughts we said it should be a bike related name so Beth said Victoria Pendleton and when Abigail tried to say it back to us she said Victoria Peddle-ton and so came the name!

Day 5 - Friday

This was the day we did the final touches in pen and took photos at school.

Day 6 - Saturday

Abigail and Beth got up early to set up Victoria for the festival. Click on the picture below for pictures and more from the festival.