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Home Learning

Step 1 - Click here for the 39 week plans.

Step 2 - Select a subject of your choice.

Step 3 - Open the 39 week plan.

Step 4 - Look at the 39 week plan and identify what topic you are studying at this point in the year.

Step 5 - Once you have identified your topic, click on one of the links below. If you are Year 7 and 8, you should use KS3 Bitesize and Hegarty Maths. If you are Y9, 10 or 11, you should use GCSE Bitesize, GCSEPod and Hegarty Maths.

All students have a login to Hegarty Maths and all Y11 students have a login to GCSEPod.


The Local Offer has resources for children with SEN, including advice to parents and children who are at home: