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Year 8 Options 2017

Download the Year 8 Options booklet below for subject information.

New Key Stage 4 Qualifications

  • All qualifications banked at the end of Year 11 will be the new GCSEs or BTECs.
  • The new qualifications will be assessed mainly through exams rather than coursework.
  • The content will be more demanding and there will be a new 1 to 9 grading system.
  • Prepare for new A levels – more mathematical content.


  • BTECs are qualifications where students learn about a subject through an industry “Individual teams are…striving to and are achieving best practice” Pearson External review of MA, 2016.
  • BTECs have 75% Project work and 25% Exam
  • GCSEs are a study of a particular subject
  • Most GCSEs have 100% exam

Both qualifications lead to the same progression routes.

New GCSE Grading